About the Author

Meet Enrico Theoc

This new, prolific author of Haitian descent was born and
raised in Miami, Florida, where he attended school at
Miami-Dade College. Studying the craft of creative writing
under the guidance of Professor Preston Allen, Enrico has
won a number of awards in both reading and writing.  A
creative and intellectual spirit, he reads both fiction and
nonfiction work at the same time.  “I read everybody I
can; anybody I feel where their prose, creativity, and
individual concepts can grab my attention.  A very
important key to   becoming a great writer is the ability to
stay humble and gain understanding from those who have
been where you are trying to go.  I borrow concepts and
learn about being a great writer from Eric Jerome Dickey,
one of my favorites.”

A true lover of old school writing, Enrico embraces Ralph
Ellison, Richard Wright, and Toni Morrison.  Currently
working on his second novel and a screenplay, he resides in
Miami, his first love.
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