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At 18 years
old, how do
you survive in
24 hrs when
the world  is
against you,
and your
parents are
“Everybody is busy working their own hustle to take care of
their own damn issues. Who’s supposed to lookout for yours?”

Ben's carefree world is turned upside down when he's faced with
the fact that his parents are missing.  Armed with nothing but
hope, Ben sets out to find them, only to be met by turmoil,
heartache and loneliness.
Life on his own has forced Ben to confide in his best friend, Dre,
who encourages Ben to move on and take control of his destiny.  
Their freedom and survival become priority as they embark on a
high stakes mission.  A mission that could cost them both their
lives.  Ben's experiences force him to come to grips with the
meaning of responsibility, placing family first, and most of all,
being true to self .

Set in the span of one day, in the heart of the Miami street life,
Ben must decide whether or not he is
Willing to Live.  
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